Bulldog Custom Leathers is committed to providing quality products at a competitive price.  We strive to put our customers first and to go beyond your expectations.  

All of our products are hand made by us to be custom for the client.  We start with some of the finest garment and upholstery hides and cut it to meet the needs of our clients.  While we do work with latigo (belt leather) for some of our belts and slings, all of our gear is made from soft

 leather that will not be rough against the wearer's skin.  We leave our items unfinished in the back as to be able to fit anyone that walks in our door.  After the fitting, we set the final rivets or snaps and within 

 for you.10 minutes you have a custom piece of gear.  Even though we have a harness on the rack, it will still be a custom piece of gear.


Our contact number is 678-901-7621